Cream Cheese Wontons

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Cream Cheese Wontons/Crab Rangoon

Cream Cheese Wontons/wCrab Rangoon is a American creation; it is a common appetizer in Chinese-American cuisine in North America.  Cream Cheese Wontons/Crab Rangoon is basically fried wontons that is filled Cream Cheese and/or tiny bits of crab meat.  It is often served with duck sauce and/or sweet and sour sauce.  Some people like it just by itself, others like to dip it in soy sauce or mustard.

For this recipe if you don’t like spanish onion, you can add in other kind of vegetables like celery, carrots etc.  Or a combination of the three.  If you do a combination of the onion, celery and carrots–you can leave out the sugar as the carrots will be sweet enough to overtake the pungent flavor of the onion.  Make sure you squeeze out excess liquid, if you don’t squeeze out excess liquid, the cream cheese will become runny and a lot of cheese will come out when frying.  For the sweet and sour sauce, please look at my sweet and sour chicken recipe.  I used imitation crabmeat for this recipe because they are inexpensive, however, you are welcome to use real crabmeat and the amount is up to you.

If you really wanted to get creative, try using partially cooked shrimps, lobsters, scallops as a filling instead; for these you need to add a little bit of salt in there.  You can also add in chives as a complement to the seafood.  You can also use crackers as a base and spread the cream cheese on top and bake it instead of frying it-a much healthier alternative.  Feel free to experiment with this recipe, as you can make various combination with it.

Cream Cheese: 1 lb or 454g
Sugar: 2 tbsp
Sweet or Spanish Onion: 1
Wonton Wrappers: About 25 and above
Crab Meat: 1 cup for Crab Rangoon
Water: 1 tbsp
Egg: 1


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