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    Hello viewers and welcome to The Art Of Cooking,

    I hope you find this website informative and as always thank you for taking the time to browse my website.

    I have recently partnered with SideChef to help bring my recipes to mobile apps.

    About SideChef:

    SideChef is a tool that uses the latest tech to make cooking easier and more fun. We are trying to take cooking into the 21st century. Using tech to automatically start timers when you need them, easily email your friend an ingredient list, keep track of where you are in the recipe without scanning through a paragraph in a cookbook, and allow you to control the app with your voice hands free. You can also easily adjust the serving size of a recipe and the steps will automatically update to reflect that- no more calculating in your head. Plus we support metric and US measurements, and anyone can upload a recipe onto our user generated platform!

    -free <===Always a good things (^-^)
    -step-by-step (with text-to-voice)
    -social (with 1,200 recipes of user-generated content)
    -trying to build a fun cooking community
    -special diets represented (vegan, gluten-free etc.)

    SideChef on Google Play
    SideChef in the App Store iOS

    Please check them out and make sure to follow me by searching "The Art Of Cooking".

Chinese Recipes

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  1. do you have a recipe for mongolian beef Its my fav at when i eat out–spicy beef broccoli green onions and a little sauce very delicious

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