Fujian Ban Mian (Noodles)

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Fujian Ban Mian (Noodles)

Fujian-style Ban Mian is actually street food or “xiao chi” literally means “small eat” because it cost like $1-$2 at most in U.S., it’s quick and easy to prepare.  It’s It’s usually pair with Bian Rou (扁肉) or Bian Shi (扁食) in Fujian.  It’s wonton or dumpling soup, but what makes it different is that the wrapper is thinner than dumpling wrapper.  It becomes transparent after being cooked.  Here is a picture of it:bian rou

I live off of this when I was little, because it was so cheap back then.  If I remember correctly for a small bowl of Ban Mian and Bian Rou it cost 1 RMB each or $0.10 a bowl and that was 8 years ago. I littery spend $0.20 on a whole meal.  Ooohh the good old days when everything was so cheap.  I miss those days.  Now it’s like 4 RMB a bowl which is like $0.80 as of right now (2013).

Anyways back to ban main, the noodles for ban main are similar to lo mein noodles but flatter.  I don’t have that kind of particular noodles available so I just use the next best type of noodles (Ramen).  It’s cheap and readily available.  Good if you’re on budget like college students but health wise, I wouldn’t eat it that often.  So eat this sparingly if possible but Bian Rou, it’s good to eat it anytime.


Instant Ramen (1)
Peanut Butter-2 tbsp
Soy Sauce- 2 tbsp (adjust to your own taste)
Sesame Oil- a little bit
Sugar- 1 tbsp (adjust to your own taste)
Water-2 tbsp
Oyster sauce: 1/2 tsp
Green Onion for garnishing
Egg (optional)

Some people also put oyster sauce and/or black pepper on it.  So feel free to experiment with this recipe.



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