Taiwanese-style Soy Sauce Chicken Thighs 台湾油雞

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This recipe is the Taiwanese version of Soy Sauce Chicken, which is a little bit different than the Cantonese version.  However, both are more similar as far as ingredients goes than they are different.  Taiwanese version is a little bit saltier while the Cantonese version is bit on the sweeter side.  In Cantonese version, there is always a dip included with the chicken.  The dipping is made from Green onion roots, ginger, salt and vegetable oil. The biggest difference from the two style is cooking technique.  In Cantonese version, the chicken is dip into hot water for few second and it’s taken out, this process is repeated twice then it’s cool down via cold running water.  Next the same process again but this time it’s in the soy sauce mixture.  The reason for doing this is prevent the skin from rupturing during the cooking process.  The skin will shrink a little bit giving the chicken a crunchy texture to it.

You can reuse this sauce continuously, just add a little bit of green onion and ginger for every batch as well as water. Freeze it if your not using it. The more you use this sauce the tastier it get so please don’t discard this sauce.

Here is the ingredients for the Taiwanese Soy Sauce Chicken:

Chicken Thighs: 2-4
Soy Sauce: 4 cups/ 946ml
Sugar: 2 cups/610 g (Rock Sugar preferably)
Water: 4 cups-7 cups / 946 ml – 1660 ml
Dark Soy Sauce: 3/4 cup/ 177ml
Sake or Cooking Wine: 1/4 cup/ 59ml
Green Onion: 4
Ginger: 5 slices
Bay Leaves: 5
Licorice: Small handful
Star Anise: Handful
Cinnamon: 2 short or 1 long
Sesame Oil: a little bit


  1. hi, please let us know how to made spicy red chicken sauce or chicken enchilada…please or send me the recipe

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  2. Awesome! can’t wait to try this 😛

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  3. Hi were can I buy licorice? And exactly how much anise to use? Looks like you have more than ten stars. Ty would really like to try this recipe.

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  4. Hi Raymond is cooking wine the same as Hsiao Xin wine? And thanks for all your awesome recipes!

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    • I wouldn’t say they are the same but at the same I wouldn’t say they are different. Cooking wine has a lot of categories like nutty, sweet, dry etc. Generally, made from grapes but not always the case. Hsiao Xin wine is always made from rice wine.

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  5. Hi Raymond.

    Great video as always, but I’m wondering if you could give us the Cantonese recipe as you said that you prefer it.


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  6. Hey bro,

    I followed the exact steps in the video and it worked out perfect. But my chicken was a little bit whiter than your, what did i do wrong? The skin was not crispy, do you have an idea to get the skin crispy? Thanks

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  7. How long can you keep the sauce for before discarding it? Just want to make sure I get the maximum usage out of the sauce but not keep using it when it goes bad. Thanks!

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