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If you like this site and would like to support me.  Feel free to donate.  All the donations will help improve this site.

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  1. HI,
    Would you consider adding PayPal for donations. It is much safer. Thanks.

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  2. I tried to make a donation. It took me to paypal. I logged in, but did not see an option to donate. How do I do this??
    I contacted paypal, and they said, the problem was not with my account, but the website. Maybe you should contact them, or send me instructions on how to donate.

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  3. you are the man!!!! you have changed my life!!

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  4. Thanks, I’ve sent a small donation to show my appreciation. You are an AMAZING chef and instructor and your recioes are straight forward and yum. Please write a cookbook , I want to have a copy!

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  5. Love your recipes! Do you have one for General Tso’s Chicken?

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