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  1. Hi there

    Have tried cooking your Bourbon Chicken and Beef with Broccoli and they were just great. Cant wait for your next recipe’s. Many thanks from a grateful backyard cook from New Zealand.

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  2. Good morning Raymond,

    I really enjoyed your cooking, your methods and your sense of Humors!!
    Thank you for sharing especially the little boy he is soooo…. adorable :-)!


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  3. I made your recipe for shrimp with lobster sauce and it was outstanding. It is my favorite Chinese dish and your recipe is better than Chinese restaurants. I would like to get a printout of the recipe for my files, is this possible?

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  4. Thank you! Today I learned lots. I will cook more good foods.

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  5. I made the Buddhist Delight. It is delicious. Thanks so much for the recipes.

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  6. 1) This is probably my favorite website (including youtube) for chinese style recipes. Your prrsentations are so easy to understand and follow. 5+ stars!!!! Thank you for all the hard work you put into your videos and explainations. 1 more thing, 2) is there any way you could either list, or do a video of takout ‘brocolli and garlic sauce’ or send me a private email? Its my favorite dish. I can not find this recipe anywhere. EddyVeggie has a blog that is the closest i’ve found, but even this isnt quite there.

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