Japanese Recipes

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  1. Dear Raymond/Art Of Cooking,

    I absolutely love your recipes and cooking tutorials. I tried to get the recipes for Bourbon chicken and chicken teriyaki. Can you, would you please e-mail me a copy of both. And for future references, how do I navigate your website to get other recipes?

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    • Thank you. If you hover over recipes you will see the four categories: Chinese, Chinese-American, Japanese and Western recipes. The bourbon chicken is under chinese-american:chicken. The chicken teriyaki sushi is under japanese recipe. I will try to improve this website and make it easier to navigate. However, this is my first time on wordpress so there is a lot of technical aspects that I still don’t understand.

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  2. Raymond,
    You expire me! I’m thrilled to find you video’s. You are blessed!
    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Raymond,
    You inspire me! Sorry for the typo….

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