Tebasaki (Japanese Chicken Wings)

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Tebasaki (Japanese Chicken Wings)

Tebasaki literally means “wing tips” in Japanese.  I first encountered this kind of wings when I studied abroad in Tokyo, near my school or rather close to Tamachi station there is a izakaya (bar) called “Yama-chan” where they served these.   I was addicted to these wings that I ordered more, of course along with a nice cold beer (Asahi was my choice of beer) that is. However, their version was more delicious then mine, I think they used shichimi as the spice but I am not really sure though.

Yama-chan actually started in Nagoya, Japan.  Every izakaya has their own secret recipes of course, but Yama-chan was the first one to popularized it and started a chain that primarily sells Tebasaki along with other well-known izakaya food.   I almost forgot to mention, Fried Chicken wings is specialty food of Nagoya-shi which my sister and brother-in-law currently resides.

What makes this fried chicken taste good is the skin.  The skin is fried until it very crispy before being dredge in teriyaki sauce and then top it off with some spice.  Some people like to add a lot of minced garlic and ginger juice to their teriyaki sauce to give it more flavor.

Chicken Wings: Middle Section
Soy Sauce: 2 tbsp
Mirin: 2 tbsp
Sake or Cooking Wine: 2 tbsp
Sugar: 1 tbsp
Salt: a little bit
Black Pepper: a little bit
Cayenne Pepper: a little bit
Garlic Powder: a little bit
Vegetable Oil: For frying

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