Hi Alex, yes I will post a video of Beef …

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Hi Alex, yes I will post a video of Beef Chow Fun.

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Sorry for the late reply, Szechuan Beef or chicken as in the Americanized/Western version, not the authentic version?

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That’s great, glad you like it.

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Yes, request received.

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How to Make Yellow Fried Rice (Pork Fried Rice)
Hi Betsy, if you substitute the chicken powder with msg, you will get that original recipe.

How to Make Sweet and Sour Chicken
The reason you use potato starch as the thickening agent rather than cornstarch is because cornstarch has a grainy texture rather smooth. The potato starch also holds the sauce or soup better than cornstarch.

If you look at my video of how to make beef with broccoli

It will show you how to velvet the beef.

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Please, email it to me at info@theartofcooking.org

Thank you

Kevin, yes I do have a recipe for Yakisoba. Will do one in the future.

Chinese Brown Sauce, Base Sauce, Mother Sauce or Kung Po Sauce
The Garlic sauce for the Chinese-American recipe is,

Brown Sauce: 10 tbsp
Sugar: 4 tbsp
Garlic: 1 tbsp
Green Onion: 1 tbsp minced
Hot Chili Sauce: 1 tbsp
Hoisin Sauce: 1 tbsp
Vinegar: 2 tbsp

This will yield almost 2 cups of sauce.

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