Your videos are just amazing! Your directions are detailed and …

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Your videos are just amazing! Your directions are detailed and very easy to follow. Thank you so much. I do have a few questions though. Have you used XO sauce in your cooking & would you recommend it? How do you make plain fried rice like the Chinese restaurants? The flavor is so distinct and addictive. Using just soy sauce is NOT developing that taste I’m accustomed to. It’s severely lackluster & missing something major. Can you enlighten me please? Thank you.

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Tools I used
I found the sweet and sour chicken recipe link. The restaurant recipe version of fried rice you left for a follower in a comment section is gone. I would still love to have that recipe. Thanks.

Tools I used
HEY!!!!!!! What happened to your authentic restaurant style fried rice recipe???!! I bought a wok, the utensils, and all of the ingredients & the page is deleted! I even asked in a comment section what the difference in taste was between the soy sauces & if oyster sauce gave it that missing restaurant taste. Those questions were deleted and never answered. May I please have that recipe & the sweet and sour chicken recipe you took down? That’s why I subscribed to your site. Now I am terribly disappointed. Could you at least email those two recipes along with how to make the sweet and sour sauce? Thanks.

How to Make Lo Mein
Hi. Is Oyster sauce and/or the MSG that gives it the flavor of the restaurant version ? What is the difference in taste between regular soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and Amoy Gold Label soy sauce? Thanks.And thanks a million for the restaurant version! Can’t wait to make this!

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